Baggage allowance details shown are indications for Southeast Airlines operated flights only and may be subject to change depending on aircraft operated on the day of travel. Our passengers can check in one bag weighing up to 25kg. We offer low excess baggage charges. Infants not occupying their own seat are allowed 10kg as well as a collapsible stroller. Hand luggage must be no larger than 56 x 45 x 25cm

Prohibited items
Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares Flammable liquids and solids Disabling devices such as mace or pepper sprays Poisons or insecticides Radioactive materials

Items not permitted in hand-luggage, but are permitted in your check-in luggage:
Knives (including hunting knives, swords and pocket knives) Aerosols Scissors and any other sharp bladed object Weapons and replica weapons e.g. whips, batons, stun guns Sporting equipment e.g. cricket bats, golf clubs, billiard cues Items of high value that may attract pilferage.

Electronic Devices
Every passenger is kindly requested not to use any electronic devices including laptops, remote oriented games, radios, portable television sets and cell phones. Using these devices could interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft.